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Cedar Split-Rail Arbours

Installation Instructions

Congratulations on the Purchase of a Cedar Split Rail Arbor

You will find this arbor fast and easy to assemble. It is assembled upside down and once assembled it is turned upright. It has a top section, two side sections, four angle braces, two anchoring braces, and all the necessary screws and instructions for assembly. It takes approximately 15 minutes to assemble and will require a drill with a #2 square bit and a level. The total weight of the arbor is approximately 200 pounds and will easily fit in the back of a pickup or trailer.

Step 1  To open package, cut the two bands with a pair of tin snips. Wear safety glasses and stand to the side of the band when cutting (diagram 1). Lift the two side panels from the top of the package and set them to the side.

Step 2  Using a level and shims, make sure top is upside down and level before continuing to step 3.

Step 3  You will need to install one pair of legs at a time by picking up one side leg and sliding it into the slot of the top. Make sure the slats connecting the legs are to the outside. Have an assistant hold the legs vertical and place one screw on each side of slat to attach leg to top as seen in diagram 2.

Step 4  You will find 4 cross braces securing legs in a vertical position. Place one screw to attach a cross brace to the outside of the leg, with the top corner even with the top of the lowest slat in the leg (see brace in diagram 3).

Step 5  Using the level ensure the leg is plumb (at a right angle to the top) and place one screw into bottom cross brace attaching it to the inside of the top as seen in diagram 3. Place second screw at top and bottom of cross brace.

Step 6  Repeat steps 4 & 5 above for cross brace installation on the other side of the first pair of legs.

Step 7  Install second set of legs by repeating steps 3, 4 ,5, and 6.

Step 8  Using two people, tip arbor on its side by pulling it over with its legs. Lift top and stand it upright. Arbor can be carried and moved to desired location (see diagram 4).

Step 9  To secure arbor in its desired location, attach to solid object (ie: fence) or dig one hole in the middle on each set of legs to attach anchoring brace. Screw anchoring brace onto arbor so that top of brace is even with the second slat as seen in diagram 5. We recommend using concrete when burying the anchor to ensure arbor is stable.

Arbor will go grey over time due t exposure to sun, rain and snow. If you want to keep its natural beauty we recommend Sikkens Cetol SRD (exterior translucent wood finish), which is available in many tints.

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